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Reimpar Geoinstalaciones

Specialist on the installation of Geocomposites

We are a company with over 30 years of experience, which began in the field of waterproofing, developing its first projects committed to quality and respect for the environment.

We operate around the various reservoirs for water accumulation, such as for agricultural exploitation, golf courses and solar thermal plants, in addition to waterproofing and insulation of water and polluting slurry as well as municipal solid waste slurry. We work for the main companies operating in the mining and landfills areas


Our activity allows, on the one hand, optimization in the use of the different natural resources and on the other, the respect for the Environment, providing a cleaner future for the next generation.


 We have a great team of people who are in continuous training and preparation in order to face any new challenges that we may be presented with every day.


All our efforts are based on our professional development and on rigorous criteria of reinvestment and diversification in order to offer our customers the most favorable solutions to their projects.

"Our everyday goal, in each and every project, is to achieve our customer´s expectations and satisfaction. More than 30 years of experience endorses our business development"
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