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Specialist on the installation of Geocomposites


More than 30 years developing projects such as agricultural retaining reservoirs and refrigeration pools in solar thermal plants


Our customers are the foundation of our work and daily efforts. Our company´s motto is the requirement for adapting our procedures to meet our client´s needs


Client satisfaction is the best guarantee of a job well-done. Our daily commitment is to fulfil all expectations in each and every project entrusted to us.


REIMPAR has developed significant international projects demonstrating its solvency with a broad customer base.

Our everyday goal, in each and every project, is to achieve our customer´s expectations and satisfaction. More than 30 years of experience endorses our business development

Rafael Montero   CEO REIMPAR

Waterproofing of reservoirs

Reimpar S.L adapts the reservoirs used for irrigation, to the new systems, utilizing the available resources better and avoiding water losses due to filtration, ensuring this way a good waterproofing of all our reservoirs. These reservoirs are useful for the farming, industrial and agricultural sectors that rely on their water reserves for its good functioning and effective efforts

waterproofing reservoirs, waterproofing lakes, waterproofing golf sites, hdpe,polyethylene


In the mining sector, Reimpar Geoinstalaciones, S.L covers all the insulation requirements  for polluted waste by heavy metals, waterproofing the new landfills and adapting them perfectly to the terrain orography and introducing all types of geo-composites in order to reinforce, drain and protect the terrain and the natural aquifers from pollution that the non-controlled waste in the mines could cause.

Mines, waterproofing of mines, hdpe, polyethylene


With a huge respect for the environment for a better future for everyone, the isolation of urban and industrial waste in controlled landfills, is one of the environmental requirements that is compulsory for the whole of Europe.

Reimpar Geoinstalaciones counts with a wide variety of products from the best manufacturers in the European market with the aim to isolate and control human waste so that it does not contaminate the environment.

landfills, waterproofing of landfills, waste water, waste protection


We provide your company, business or exploitation with the solutions you require in order to store small or big liquid volumes. Due to its easy handling and installation, the flexible pillow tanks, FlexiCisternas can be used as mobile deposits so that you can deploy them in different places according to your requirements and your current needs. 

flexicisternas, flexible pillow tanks, liquid fertilizers storage, slurry storage, leachates storage, brines storage, potable and pluvial water storage
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