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Specialist on the installation of Geocomposites

Mines, waterproofing of mines, hdpe, polyethylene


Waterproofing of open lands leaching not only in metallic mining but in non-metallic mining in order to avoid the acids used in the leaching of the mineral polluting the subsoil

landfills, waterproofing of landfills, waste water, waste protectionlandfills, waterproofing of landfills, waste water, waste protection


Municipal urban waste, manure heaps from farming exploitations, industrial deposits

waterproofing reservoirs, waterproofing lakes, waterproofing golf sites, hdpe,polyethylene


We build and make waterproof reservoirs of all kinds, including water reservoirs, or others such as evaporation pools, using the best quality materials. 

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Flexible pillow tanks  to store big and small liquid volumes (water, waste water, slurry, etc.).

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