A product for the storage of volume fluids from 0m3 to 500m3 designed by Reimpar Group


We are the first Spanish manufacturer with international experience of flexible pillow tanks  used to storage big or small liquid volumes (water, waste, slurry). We act as consultants to your needs analysing and providing you with the best solutions to help you expand your business, aided by the help of our experienced team of professionals.

Potable and pluvial water

 Flexicisternas, our flexible pillow tanks, are authorised for the use of potable water storage according to UNE en 1186:2002 and to Regulation (EU) Nº 10/2011. In addition, the tanks facilitate the collection of pluvial water and therefore it eases the installation of tanks in remote locations

Liquid Fertilizers

Thanks to our high resistance materials, the flexible pillow tanks are able to store liquid fertilizers for extended periods of time

Slurry, lixiviates

and brines

The Flexible tanks can be used for the storage of slurry in farming, as lixiviates or brines, or any other kind of dangerous liquid  that requires storage and safe containment. Our materials will provide you with the maximum trust. 

We provide your company, business or exploitation with the solutions it requires to store high volumes of liquid

Get in contact with us and you will be able to confirm our serious commitment to your project 

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